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The most popular casino games

Online sites offer a multitude of games for fun. But there are those that are most popular among gamblers and repeat their fame brought from the face-to-face casinos. And these are just some of the games that are most sought after among online casino gamblers. Check them out!


This is the most famous game in the world and attracts thousands of people, so much so that some become professional. Therefore, all online casinos have poker tables and some also offer the opportunity to watch games. Some sites also offer the option to try online games for free, without the need to download or register. Most of them also offer bonuses for those who are coming.

Poker has several modalities and one of these is the HoldEm Casino. This is a game that requires technique and concentration, but having luck won’t hurt a player. But it is wrong to think that playing poker is difficult. It’s perfectly easy to learn the rules and start playing informally at a beginner’s table.


This word means “small wheel” in French. And that is exactly what this game is present in all casinos. Here the goal is to predict where the ball will stay when the spin finishes. There are two main variants of the roulette wheel: European and American roulette. The only difference between the two is that in American roulette there are extra numbers and double zero, which give the player a greater advantage. There is also French roulette, the most classic.

Roulette is also a very popular game wherever you go, and even in the movies. This is because it is easy to play and also because of the greater possibilities. Its rules are quite simple and anyone can learn them easily. But it is always good to study a little, since having a good strategy greatly increases the chances of winning. 


The game appeared in France, still in the 17th century, and after that it won fans everywhere. Also known as 21, in blackjack players will use six decks against the dealer. In order to win, their values must add up to 21. 

Blackjack is not a difficult game to learn, just learn its rules and the value of the cards. This makes it easier to decide which techniques to use. This game has gained a lot of space in the online alternatives due to its ease and the interface, very attractive and the software developed. Nowadays many people search the online casinos for a match against the house.

Slot Machine

When we think of a physical casino the image of slots is the first that comes to mind. These machines are visually attractive and catch the public’s attention as soon as they enter the houses. In their online mode it is no different. Besides casinos, they can also be found in other entertainment venues in the world such as bars, galleries, hotels, pubs and others. And its variety attracts the attention of many people, bringing as themes Marilyn Monroe, White King, Top gun, Wild Spirit and others.

There is no need to know much about the game, and slot machines are very easy to use. Their goal is just to form a line of identical symbols to win the prize, luck being a great ally. 

Video Poker and Live Poker

Video poker and also live poker are a combination of two popular games: slots and poker. Invented in the 70s, it also attracted many people for the ease of its rules. 

Another issue that improves the experience is the look of online games and their wide variety. The aim of the game is simple: just form the best combination of cards to win the biggest prize.


Also well known, this game was born in France and has spread throughout the world since the 19th century. It is also known as “Punto Banco” and “Baccarat”, and is a sophisticated game because of its high stakes. 

In the online versions the houses bring bets from $10, but also offer welcome bonuses. Here, the purpose is that the value of the cards dealt in two hands is close to 9 points. And whoever has, takes the bet.

Scratch cards

Perhaps the simplest of games, alongside the slot machines. Easily found in several points of the cities, to find the prize it is necessary to scrape the place and if three images or symbols appear the same, the player takes the prize. It is therefore not necessary to learn the rules. Luck here is the only factor.

Online versions are no different, Love match being one of its variants. And all the casinos offer scratch cards that bring several different themes and varying bet values and even smaller than $1. 

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