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Rules of the game Slot Machines

Goal of the game

The principle of a slot machine, it must be said honestly that it is really very simple. Your objective is actually based only on luck since what you are going to do is simply slip coins, in the case of a physical machine or wager your “electronic” money in the case of a virtual machine, and then activate the machine to wait for the combinations which will be done automatically.

The object of the game is for the machine to build you winning combinations so that you can enter the paytable and thus get cash every spin.

The bets

You are the one who will make the bets and for this you must first respect the minimum and maximum amounts of the machine you are playing on and then also the level of your bankroll.

In a land-based casino, you will be able to slide several coins into the machine for a single turn of the cylinder, and in an online casino, you can simply determine the amount you want to commit. In both cases, the machines can have multiple paylines, up to 50 and even 100 sometimes on the latest more advanced machines. The more you play on a large number of lines, the higher the total amount of your bets will be.

Progress of a game

The flow of a slot machine game is not very complicated to understand. Indeed, you will first have to choose your slot machine. Some can be more complicated than others, so take it easy. Then choose the number of lines you want to play simultaneously. Now is the time to bet, be aware that the bet you make on one line will affect the others. You will therefore multiply your bet by the number of lines to have the total of your bet. Remember that it is easy to maximize your winnings on slot machine games through easy strategies.

Then, depending on the slot machine, you will either lower a lever or press a button if you are playing in a land-based casino, or you will simply click on the “play” usually built into the machine to activate it. A few seconds later, the machine’s cylinders will have turned and you will see the result displayed. Either you won in which case you will hear the coins fall or see your balance credited, or you lose in which case you just have to start over.

Bonus games

During a game, especially in virtual slots, you will have bonus games. These bonus games differ from machine to machine, but basically you have to perform an action that relates to the theme of the machine you are playing on to earn extra coins, sometimes quite a lot. Actions can be, for example, catching candy that has fallen from the sky, sucking up monsters from space, or driving a car on a mini circuit. Whatever it is, be sure it is still great fun and will change you for a few minutes. 

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