History of Slot Machines

Before mechanical slots

The history of slot machines is closely linked to that of Charles Auguste Fey, a German expatriate who came to the United States in the 19th century to seek a better life after the model of one of his family members.

Before he built his first slot machine as it is heard today, Fey worked at California Electric Works Company. He quickly quit his job to devote himself to his passion and set up a machine that has nothing to do with those of today, it was kinds of concentric roulette that you had to activate and which only had a hundred possibilities, which was already a great development at the time.

But very quickly, Fey will focus on another project. To do this, he moved to San Francisco where he created his company specializing in slot machines.

The arrival of the Liberty Bell

He understood that if we replaced the wheels with rollers on which we would print the symbols on the sides, that would give the machine many more possibilities. He did so in 1898 when he gave birth to the Card Bell, but this machine was not yet developed. So after a year of intense work and some modifications, the Liberty Bell was born. It is what is considered to be the first proper slot machine to have seen the light of day.

Success will be there. With a thousand possible combinations, the Liberty Bell has players from all over the region playing. A lot of places like pubs, grocery stores, etc. want to buy a Liberty Bell because it brings in customers.

Due to its success, the Liberty Bell will quickly be copied and other models will emerge. But the ban on gambling will stop this excitement. Not for very long as one of Fey’s competitors is going to transform his machine to give his players treats. Nothing more to do with a slot machine, the parade is found.

Slot machines today

These machines did not emerge until the 1960s, which left more than half a century of rule for mechanical machines. But technology has caught up with them and now it’s electronics that are implanted in new slot machines, even if sometimes they keep their old looks, with leverage for example.

There was also the automatic cash dispenser which was integrated, that is to say that the player no longer had to go and collect his winnings, it was the machine that gave him directly. It was an improvement greatly appreciated by the players.

Over the years, slot machines have improved more and more, until they become what they are today, that is to say, full of electronics, with video animations, touch screens and began a little less than twenty years ago to land on the Internet thanks to online casinos.

Whether in land-based establishments or online establishments, slot machines are undoubtedly the stars of gambling venues.

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