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How does a simple bet work?

In the world of sports betting, a simple bet is a bet placed on a single market (bet) of your sportsbook. In other words, it is an investment in a single selection or possibility of betting, and therefore a single probability (odd). For example, would you like to bet on Chelsea’s win against Manchester United? This would then be a simple bet. Thus, a simple bet is the opposite of a multiple bet, which in turn is investing in several markets at the same time (for example, Chelsea wins United, and Arsenal wins Tottenham). So remember: betting on a single odd = making a single bet.

Example of simple betting

To illustrate the definition of a simple bet, here is an example of such bet. We can clearly see that the bet was placed only in one of the probabilities, namely the victory of FC Porto over Sporting CP.

The simple bet is therefore a bet placed on only one market, and is still today the most common bet among bookmakers. This is not surprising in itself, as it is so simple to analyse and quick to place.

How to place a simple bet on a bookmaker?

To place a simple bet on a bookmaker is very easy. Just follow the steps that follow in detail, regardless of the sports betting site of your desire. You should do this:

  • Log into your gambling account.
  • Go to the section corresponding to Sports Bets.
  • Find the game you want to bet on.
  • Select the market and odd of your interest.
  • Enter the amount you wish to bet in the bulletin.
  • Validate bet on button at bottom of bulletin.

By following these six very easy steps, you are sure to be able to make your simple bet in the best possible conditions. In fact, it’s a very simple bet to make!

Single or multiple bets: which ones should you favour?

Despite the differences, whether in terms of essence, potential winnings or chances of winning, both single and multiple bets have their advantages and should be used without hesitation.

Offering potential gains in lower theory, single bets will be easier to win than multiple bets, since they depend only on a positive bet. Conversely, although a multiple bet is less easy to validate, it will generally offer much higher winnings if successful.

To boost your chances of winning and therefore increase your winnings, we advise diversity in the types of bets chosen, as well as the money involved. Generally, between 70% and 80% of single bets are recommended if you want to increase your winnings with greater probability.

Which is the best single betting site?

Since a simple bet is in fact a bet on only one odd, the best betting site to place it is the one that usually offers the highest values in most games and sports. On average, and regardless of the competitions, these three operators actually offer higher odds than the competition, ideal for making the most interesting simple bets. 

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